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    The main material and working principle of pipe expanding ma

    The main material and working principle of pipe expanding machine


    Pipe expanding machine is the main pipe fitting equipment developed and manufactured by our company. Whenever we order the pipe fitting equipment of our company, our engineers will design satisfactory pipe fitting equipment for customers.Pipe fittings equipment is mainly divided into: pipe expanding machine, elbow machine, press, tee machine, beveling machine, pipe winding machine and other above pipe fittings equipment of all molds.


    Pipe expanding machine can mainly produce seamless steel pipe, spiral welded pipe, straight welded pipe.Pipe varieties are: provide, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.


    Pipe-expanding machine automatic control of intermediate frequency power supply at the time of expanding production will steel tube heated to the required temperature and constant, effectively avoid the human factors caused by the steel tube under high temperature to produce the quality of steel pipe and the mould of scrapped, at the same time avoid the low temperature and the thermal expansion unit increased thrust rod or die fracture phenomenon, caused by factors so as to avoid material is not smooth.Compared with manual operation, the steel pipe is heated, which saves energy, simplifies the operation procedure and reduces the labor cost. It can make one operator at most monitor the normal production and expansion of multiple pipe expanding units at the same time.Each set of unit is equipped with two temperature measuring points for automatic temperature control.According to the preset heating temperature of different grades of steel tubes, the heating temperature of the steel tubes to be expanded can be selected and kept constant, and it can be displayed and recorded in real time, and the real time curve and historical curve of the heating parameters can be printed and saved.Provide guarantees for data traceability.

    Pipe expanding machine is the main production technology of large diameter steel pipe at present.It has been widely used in military industry, power plant construction, aerospace industry and Marine industry equipment manufacturing industry, and has made a great contribution to the customer's steel pipe industry and energy construction.Pipe expanding machine equipment is used in the production of thermal expanding of seamless steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, coil pipe and so on.Can expand the variety of steel pipe: all kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.Cold drawn seamless steel pipe refers to the seamless waste pipe or seamless finished pipe as raw material, by cold drawing (drawing) machine drawing processing, the outer diameter size has the corresponding mold, the size is relatively precise.(characterized by the reduction of the outer diameter) the production steps of the seamless pipe expanding machine: it is made by the punching machine after the pipe is worn out -- rolling -- tension reducing machine -- cooling -- straightening -- cutting head -- packing -- storage.(the state is continuous operation, size precision is general) thermal expansion is made of seamless steel pipe as raw material in the pipe expansion machine heated to a certain temperature, the inner hole to add the required size of the mandrer to promote, the original diameter of seamless steel pipe expanded.The equipment of the pipe expanding machine mainly consists of: machine base, main cylinder support plate (including main cylinder), movable push plate, front support plate, automatic feeding structure, discharging roller table, mold support, intermediate frequency coil adjusting frame (including intermediate frequency heating coil), intermediate frequency power supply, electrical control system, etc.

    The quality commitment of the pipe expanding machine manufacturer


    We promise to supply various types and materials of pipe expanding machines, according to the needs of customers and economic to provide reasonable prices and customer satisfaction of the pipe expanding machines.It is our endeavor to follow the quality and principle of the pipe expanding machine.The company pursues a comprehensive quality management system.

    The company has made the quality of the pipe expanding machine, and customized the pipe expanding machine to the satisfaction of the customer according to the model and color of the pipe expanding machine ordered by the customer.We follow strict quality manufacturing standards, through the inspection and inspection of various departments to supervise each manufacturing process.Until the customer is satisfied.Our company allows customers to inspect all the pipe fittings purchased from our company after the completion of manufacturing. Our company's staff will be responsible for installation and debugging when the pipe expanding machine leaves the factory.

    Our company mainly produces various types of pipe expanding machine, elbow machine, pipe bending machine, beveling machine, tee machine, press and other molds, the above pipe fittings equipment exported to different places, obtain the satisfaction of users in different places.The company has advanced production technology and manufacturing team.