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    The steel pipe produced by the expanding machine is convenie

    The steel pipe produced by the expanding machine is convenient in the installation process

    This company mainly produces various types of expanding head of expanding machine, what is the expansion of expanding machine head type, expanding head type is mainly manufacturing interchanged the end of the steel tube expanding head of the expanding machine to produce steel pipe in the pipe installation process middle finger directly to the bracket on a head pipes, pipe, the steel tube is more convenient in installation process.Pipe expanding machine is the end of the production of steel pipe is called the expanding head type pipe expanding machine.

    Expanding machine for steel pipe thermal expansion head of equipment, mainly for domestic large diameter steel pipe production cannot meet the demand of market and all kinds of steel pipe specification is not complete, meet the needs of small batch more varieties of steel pipe production, can meet the needs of different material steel pipe hole enlargement and various non-standard steel tube expanding needs, is currently the main production process of large diameter steel pipe.It has been widely used in military industry, power station construction, aerospace industry and Marine industry equipment manufacturing industry, and has made a great contribution to the user's steel pipe industry and energy construction.

    The equipment is used in the production of thermal expansion of seamless steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, coil pipe and so on.Can expand the variety of steel pipe: all kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on.

    The product set cone die hole enlargement technology, medium frequency induction heating technology, hydraulic technology in one, with its reasonable process technology, simple equipment structure, the construction of low energy consumption, low investment, good quality of products and applicability, wide range of raw materials and product specifications, flexible variable low input of production batch adaptability to replace the traditional steel pipe industry, expanding technology,It has become an indispensable and important production capacity to solve the shortage of large diameter seamless steel pipe at home and abroad and to improve the specifications of large and medium diameter welded pipe series.With the use and development of energy from solid (coal), liquid (oil) to gas, and the demand of energy transmission pipe to adapt.Has formed a complete thermal expansion steel pipe processing industry.

    The company mainly manufactures all kinds of pipe expanding machine, elbow machine, press, beveling machine, pipe bending machine and other pipe fittings equipment, welcome new and old customers to inquire!

    Technology and production efficiency of pipe expanding machine

    Interchanged with thermal expansion pipe production skills, thermal expansion tube selection is a two step propulsion type cone die hole diameter expanding machine set of skills, skills of digital intermediate frequency induction heating, hydraulic skills in one machine, with its reasonable skills, lower energy consumption, low construction investment, compared to a wide range of raw materials and commodities standard adaptability, flexible and simple lower investment yield batch adaptability,It replaces the traditional drawing-type expanding skill of steel pipe profession.Because it is difficult to deal with the supply of large caliber steel pipe in the near future, thermal expansion steel pipe has become the main commodity history of the lack of large caliber steel pipe, which alleviates the serious supply situation of large caliber steel pipe market.The cross rolling method or drawing method to expand the diameter of a kind of steel pipe finishing rolling process, in the comparison of a short time to increase the steel pipe, can produce a special type of seamless pipe specification, and the cost of low comparison, high production efficiency, is the current world rolling category of development trend.

    Nowadays, various types of variable diameter steel pipes are used in the field of industrial and agricultural production, such as the filling pipe of car oil tank is one of them. The variable diameter steel pipe is made of a steel pipe of equal diameter by kneading and expanding the cold processing.For a long time, the expansion of steel tube is by choosing a punch press or hydraulic press to processing, there are many questions, but this kind of method for force and speed is very difficult to control, expanding machine break rate is large, according to produce demand, contact the actual situation, choose hydraulic skills developed a new type of hydraulic expanding machine.