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    Pipe bender is the main equipment to manufacture pipe bender

    Pipe bender is the main equipment to manufacture pipe bender

    The company is mainly manufacturing pipe bender equipment, with many years of manufacturing experience, the company after many years of experience has formed a set of internal enterprise advanced scientific management mode,It has business department, Marketing Department, sales department, purchasing department, production department, administration department, quality inspection department, technology department, testing center, finance department, human resources department, party branch, archives room, office and trade union committee and other functional departments.

    Pipe bender can be produced into: stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and so on.The diameter and wall thickness of the pipe bender can be pushed are directly customized according to customer requirements.

    Pipe bender production of the main pipe in the pipeline installation can make different turns, pipe bender according to the need to produce a variety of different angles of the bend.Pipe bender is divided into two kinds: one is medium frequency pipe bender, the other is chain type pipe bender. The above two kinds of pipe bender are different in manufacturing and appearance.Both kinds of pipe bender have their own advantages, the advantage is that the hydraulic pipe bender in the operation process is relatively simple, the main power is the hydraulic cylinder, heating method is medium frequency heating.Pipe bender adopts hydraulic system with stable performance, the size of similar products can be adjusted, with calibration, convenient and fast, the geometric size of the pipe is accurate and easy to check.The chain pipe bender is relatively simple in manufacturing and relatively cheap in price. The above is the difference between the two kinds of pipe bender.

    Pipe bender is composed of base, main cylinder support plate (including main cylinder), movable push plate, elbow clamp wheel platform, elbow rocker arm, rocker arm rotating shaft, elbow combination chuck, intermediate frequency transformer bracket, intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency transformer, electrical control system and so on.

    The pipe bender produced by our company has automatic function, which can improve the working ability of the pipe bender. With years of design and maintenance experience, the layout of the whole machine is more reasonable, the equipment is convenient to install, the operation is stable and easy to maintain.The equipment has the advantages of simple operation, long life, low noise, multi-purpose, high quality and low price, etc. It is the supporting equipment for the mechanized production of steel pipe. The market of the equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

    Auguang pipe bender manufacturer

    The company mainly produces pipe bender, pipe bender is divided into: manual pipe bender, automatic pipe bender, semi-automatic pipe bender.All the customers who buy the pipe bender of our company, first of all, our company's engineers will produce a manufacturing drawing, which is also a service to the customer, the engineers manufacture the drawings until the customer is satisfied with our company's staff to manufacture the pipe bender.The pipe bender manufactured in this way is available in domestic and foreign markets. The quality of the pipe bender is reliable and the price of the pipe bender is reasonable.

    The whole structure of the pipe bender is divided into: the frame, the main cylinder support plate (including the main cylinder), the movable push plate, the elbow clamp wheel platform, the elbow rocker arm, the rocker arm rotating shaft, the elbow combination chuck, the intermediate frequency transformer bracket, the intermediate frequency power supply, the intermediate frequency transformer, the electrical control system and so on.

    The material that the pipe bender can produce can be divided into: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel or above. The pipe bender of our company can manufacture the pipe bender with the diameter from 21 to 1620MM and the wall thickness from 3 to 120mm or above.

    The pipe bender itself is a non-standard product, so there is no specific specifications and models. Our company can customize various types of pipe bender according to customer requirements.

    The company mainly produces pipe fittings equipment, mainly have pipe bending machine, elbow machine, tee machine, pipe expanding machine, press, beveling machine and pipe fittings equipment mold, etc.