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    The pipe bender user sells the pipe bender to the users who

    The pipe bender user sells the pipe bender to the users who need it

    Our company has many years of manufacturing experience in the production of pipe bender, who buy the company's pipe bender users our company will be provided to each user at a reasonable price, so that the purchase of the company's pipe bender users to promote more users to use the company's pipe bender.The company welcomes new and old users of the consultation order!

    Pipe bender is mainly used in the manufacture of alloy steel, so it has good mechanical properties, good wear resistance, less failures in use and long life. Pipe bender runs smoothly and has low noise during operation.Pipe bender is mainly suitable for large caliber pipeline engineering and all kinds of growing market demand and design and manufacture.The diameter of the pipe bender is from 21 to 1620, and the wall thickness is from 3 to 100. The pipe bender produces carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials.The pipe bender mainly includes the frame, the main cylinder, the elbow rocker arm, the rocker arm track, the intermediate frequency power supply, the intermediate frequency transformer and the electrical control system.

    The pipe bender can produce the product specification range is not: the outer diameter of 21-1620mm, the wall thickness of 3mm-120mm, according to the outer diameter of the elbow, the wall thickness of the pipe bender is divided into 9 specifications.

    The bending radius of the pipe bender is 2D, and the Angle of the pipe bender can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of customers within a certain range.

    Pipe bending machine adopts raw material steel pipe: seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe or coil steel pipe.

    Specific specifications and technical parameters of pipe bender

    The hydraulic system adopted by the pipe bender has a pressure of 21MPa.When the wall thickness of the pipe bender increases, the thrust of the cylinder and the power of the medium frequency power supply increase correspondingly.The stroke of the main cylinder is determined according to the diameter and bending radius of the elbow. The above bending radius and bending radius are provided by the customer.

    Why is the pipe bender called intermediate frequency pipe bender


    Medium frequency pipe bender has the characteristics of easy operation, stable performance, high working efficiency and high stable coefficient. It is an ideal equipment for pipe fitting processing industry.The bending pipe is formed in radian, and the bending radius is based on the elongation and bending ability of the material.Mold specifications, shape, customized for user needs.Intermediate frequency pipe bender is also a multi-function rolling pipe bender, so that our factory developed into a collection of research and development, production, sales, installation, commissioning and technical advice as one of the modern enterprises, products are sold all over the world, by the majority of trust.Our factory has been recognized by the majority of users, our factory has a strong technical force and production capacity.

    We can make both the diameter of the elbow from 21mm to 1620mm and the wall thickness from 3mm to 100mm

    Medium frequency pipe bender can be used for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel steel pipe of any material

    Medium frequency pipe bender can be divided into two kinds: hydraulic medium frequency pipe bender and chain medium frequency pipe bender

    The equipment mainly includes: frame, main cylinder support plate (including main cylinder), movable push plate, elbow clamp wheel platform, elbow rocker arm, rocker arm rotating shaft, elbow combination chuck, intermediate frequency transformer bracket, intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency transformer, electrical control system and so on.

    Pipe bender has a variety of prefabricated bending Angle, Chinese subtitle display, can choose any manual, semi-automatic operation mode.The medium frequency pipe bender is used for bending the pipe, holding the pipe by positioning, compacting the pipe by the mold, and rotating around the center Angle.Can be multi-angle, rotary molding.

    Medium frequency pipe bender: medium frequency induction heating pipe bender, medium frequency pipe bender its working principle is to use the medium frequency power supply to heat the steel pipe, at the same time, the steel pipe at a uniform speed, so that the heating part of the steel pipe along the preset track to walk so as to form a certain curvature radius and Angle of the bend.Steel tube in place first, through the radial rotary device of screw gearing adjust good bending radius, by using medium frequency induction heating coil steel pipe bend after heated to a certain temperature, powered by hydraulic bending, by car pole pushed forward, the adjustment good at heat deformation and bending radius bending, deformation of steel pipe after the water spray cooling,In order to obtain the required bend pipe fittings.

    The power system consists of motor and reducer, which have two working states: fast forward (backward) and forward, respectively driven by alternating current motor and variable frequency motor.

    Variable frequency motor: to provide the power of the bending machine.

    AC motor: brake and electromagnetic clutch and AC motor linkage control.

    The transmission structure

    Including gear set, chain, guide rail, etc.

    The medium frequency pipe bender in the work of the large radius of the elbow (more than 2.5D) method is: the same diameter of the pipe using four wheels of steel pipe through the induction ring heating, with the rotation of the rocker arm, bend out the same diameter of the elbow, without mandril and core head, no diameter expansion.

    The method of pushing the elbow with small radius (below 3D) is: the pipe with small diameter is heated by the middle frequency induction coil through the mandrels and horn mandrels, and the elbow with large diameter is expanded