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    Hydraulic elbow machine is the main pipe fitting equipment f

    Hydraulic elbow machine is the main pipe fitting equipment f

    Mechanical parameters

    Technical parameters(301302)

    Model BHEH-6 elbow machine BHEH-12 elbow machine BHEH-24 elbow machine BHEH-30 elbow machine BHEH-36 elbow machine BHEH-48 elbow machine BHEH-56 elbow machine
    Processing range 1"~6" 3"~12" 8"~24" 16"~30" 20"~36" 30"~48" 32"~56"
    Max. wall thickness Sch40
    Max. pressure 31.5MPa
    Working pressure 25MPa
    Working speed 0~1000mm/min
    Return speed 1500~2000mm/min
    Cylinder diameter 125mm×2 180mm×2 300mm×2 320mm×2 360mm×2 280mm×4 320mm×4
    Cylinder stroke 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm 5000mm 6000mm 8000mm 10000mm
    Cylinder thrust 30T×2 30T×2 175T×2 200T×2 250T×2 150T×4 200T×4
    Motor power 18.5kW 22.5kW 37.5kW 48kW 56kW 68kW 80kW
    IF power supply needed 160kW 250kW 400kW 500kW 600kW 800kW 1000kW


    Mechanical video

    Equipment details

    Hydraulic elbow machine
    Hydraulic elbow machine is the main pipe fitting equipment for elbow making with high production efficiency.
    Core rod hydraulic bend machine operation procedures: hydraulic system work to keep closure pressure, the key is clamping cylinder lock up and down mold, at the same time push system with horizontal thrust pressure cylinder workpiece, push system start to the end of this period of time are clamping cylinder clamping phase, to ensure that the system cannot be made mould, push system work finished, open mould clamping cylinder, double core cylinder body up to 90 ° at mold core and artifacts, stripper cylinder body remove artifacts from the mold core.
    The flow of the hydraulic elbow machine is as follows: the pipe billet saw cutting material, multi-piece installation, medium frequency heating continuous pushing production, pushing the semi-finished oil press molding, turning cutting machining elbow groove.This method has high production efficiency, small grinding workload, general labor intensity of workers, less material loss, elbow machining allowance is also small, low production cost, general product quality, simple shape of material opening, but to be heated and corrected.
    Push the machine
    Elbow pusher
    Equipment and method of thermal extrusion of large diameter metal pipe with slotted elbows and tubes with equal wall thickness.The production equipment of the invention includes a pusher, a mandrel, a heating furnace, a roller box, a swinging arm, a single-ring heater, etc.The intermediate frequency elbow pusher is to replace the core rod and the heating furnace according to the product's material specifications and models and radius of curvature. The product tube blank is installed on the core rod, and the tube blank is pushed forward by sliding around the core rod and core rod through the core rod heating in the furnace with the movable plate of the pushing machine.
    Elbow pushing machine itself belongs to non-standard products, so there is no specific specifications and models, we can directly customize according to customer requirements.We can make elbow diameter from 21mm to 1620mm and wall thickness from 3mm to 120mm.