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    Heat push elbow machine

    Heat push elbow machine

    Mechanical parameters

    Technical parameters(215)

    Model BHEH-6 elbow machine BHEH-12 elbow machine BHEH-24 elbow machine BHEH-30 elbow machine BHEH-36 elbow machine BHEH-48 elbow machine BHEH-56 elbow machine
    Processing range 1"~6" 3"~12" 8"~24" 16"~30" 20"~36" 30"~48" 32"~56"
    Max. wall thickness Sch40
    Max. pressure 31.5MPa
    Working pressure 25MPa
    Working speed 0~1000mm/min
    Return speed 1500~2000mm/min
    Cylinder diameter 125mm×2 180mm×2 300mm×2 320mm×2 360mm×2 280mm×4 320mm×4
    Cylinder stroke 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm 5000mm 6000mm 8000mm 10000mm
    Cylinder thrust 30T×2 30T×2 175T×2 200T×2 250T×2 150T×4 200T×4
    Motor power 18.5kW 22.5kW 37.5kW 48kW 56kW 68kW 80kW
    IF power supply needed 160kW 250kW 400kW 500kW 600kW 800kW 1000kW


    Mechanical video

    Equipment details

    Heat push elbow machine
    The hot push elbow machine is a basic pipe fitting equipment and pipe fitting machine of Aocheng Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD., which is widely used in the market. Its feeding and discharging process is strict. The radius of the pipe blank is larger than the radius of the forming elbow to ensure that the wall thickness is roughly unchanged.Elbow is a pipe fitting used at a pipe bend.The largest proportion of all pipe fittings used in the piping system is about 80%.Generally, different forming processes are selected for elbows with different materials or wall thickness.
    The production process of hot push elbow machine has high production efficiency and low labor consumption.It is the main forming method of carbon steel and alloy steel elbow, and is sometimes used in the forming of stainless steel elbow of some specifications.The elbow is made by cold pushing process and hot pushing process.
    Hot pushed the system working principle of bend machine, the drive system on the tube billet after blanking, upper and lower mould, pipe about advancing the mold core make it fall off after bend forming, with hot bend driving method is fast by using medium frequency induction heating pipe, improve its plasticity, using two step hydraulic propulsion, horn mandrel bending hole enlargement, push the smaller the diameter of the tube billet made from large diameter bend forming process.The characteristics of this hot push process are: high production efficiency, multiple product specifications, strong continuity of production process, easy to mechanized production, high economic benefits.Has become the main method to produce elbow at present.However, when the hot pusher machine produces carbon steel elbow, the bend forming temperature is generally controlled between 750~950 degrees Celsius, which has higher requirements on the red hardness of the horn mandrel.