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    Elbow machine is mainly composed of elbow pusher main machin

    Elbow machine is mainly composed of elbow pusher main machin

    Mechanical parameters

    Technical parameters(212213)

    Model BHEH-6 elbow machine BHEH-12 elbow machine BHEH-24 elbow machine BHEH-30 elbow machine BHEH-36 elbow machine BHEH-48 elbow machine BHEH-56 elbow machine
    Processing range 1"~6" 3"~12" 8"~24" 16"~30" 20"~36" 30"~48" 32"~56"
    Max. wall thickness Sch40
    Max. pressure 31.5MPa
    Working pressure 25MPa
    Working speed 0~1000mm/min
    Return speed 1500~2000mm/min
    Cylinder diameter 125mm×2 180mm×2 300mm×2 320mm×2 360mm×2 280mm×4 320mm×4
    Cylinder stroke 3000mm 4000mm 5000mm 5000mm 6000mm 8000mm 10000mm
    Cylinder thrust 30T×2 30T×2 175T×2 200T×2 250T×2 150T×4 200T×4
    Motor power 18.5kW 22.5kW 37.5kW 48kW 56kW 68kW 80kW
    IF power supply needed 160kW 250kW 400kW 500kW 600kW 800kW 1000kW


    Mechanical video

    Equipment details

    Elbow machine is mainly composed of elbow pusher main machine, hydraulic pump station, operation station, motor control cabinet, intermediate frequency power supply, compensation capacitor, water cable, intermediate frequency coil adjusting frame, reactor and so on.
    Medium frequency elbow machine can push the elbow with large diameter of 1420mm.Constant power output of heating power of elbow machine equipment.Using the unique voltage regulation technology, even if the incoming voltage fluctuation of 10%, still can maintain the stability of the intermediate frequency output power.Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise, low pollution.The elbow pusher adopts hydraulic automatic feeding mechanism, the gate adopts hydraulic open and close, the coil bracket is up and down, back and forth, swinging adopts motor adjustment, which makes the operation safer.It adopts two or four cylinders to push the system according to the needs of the equipment, which makes the equipment run more smoothly.These are the advantages of the elbow machine.
    Elbow push machine operation: after the tube blank is placed in the mold, the upper mold and the lower mold are combined to suppress the elbow, push down the push rod to make the mold, in order to prevent the elbow produced has the fold defect, the general pipe will inject liquid medium along the gap of the mold, that is, tap water.
    The working principle of elbow pusher is as follows: press machine is used to press and form the elbow directly in the mold. Before stamping, the tube blank is placed on the lower die, the inner core and end die are loaded into the tube blank, the upper die moves downward and begins to be pressed, and the elbow is formed by the constraint of the outer die and the support of the inner die.The welding elbow rule is the method of pressing two pipe elbow half shell with mold and then welding into elbow. This method has many subsequent procedures, and the welding manufacturing technology of large thin-wall elbow is poor. 
    Elbow push system of machine producing bend features: beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness will be a lot of, meet the requirements of customers, improve the economic benefit, production method is simple in operation process, high production efficiency, low cost, high precision products, polishing, small amount of work workers labor intensity is not big, cutting loss, elbow machining allowance is small, product quality is good, but is expected to open complex shape.